• HELP YOUR DOG FIND THEIR CALM: Like humans, dogs suffer from periods of stress from time to time. A visit to the veterinarian, fireworks or separation from their owner can cause unease for a dog
  • FOR ALL SIZES, AGES, AND BREEDS: Pettura has created formulas for every dog; no matter, size, age, or breed. The size charts are perfect to let you know what size dose to give your furry friend
  • EASY TO USE: The beauty of Pettura is the simplicity of its format. Pettura's liquid supplements are so easy to dose, simply squirt onto your dog's food daily, no need for mixing
  • FOR DOGS, BY VETS: Our team of professionals have dedicated so much time researching and developing an effective range of veterinarian formulated products with the highest quality ingredients
  • THE PETTURA RANGE: Pettura offers a variety of products that are tailored to your dog’s individual dietary requirements. Pettura products are made in the USA

Pettura - Calming, Liquid Dog Supplements, Relieves Stress & Promotes Calming, C

SKU: 1031
  • Dog anxiety can result from a range a triggers from loud fireworks and storms, to travel, vet visits and separation anxiety. Whining, barking or hiding under furniture all can be signs of excessive anxiety in dogs. Pettura Calming is proven to ease dog anxiety in as little as 15 minutes.* Calm your dog’s discomfort and stress with Pettura’s pharm a grade, veterinarian-formulated liquid supplement that applies directly onto his food. With clinically-researched, drug-free ingredients including Chamomile, Valerian Extracts, Ginger Extracts and L-Tryptophan, Pettura Calming eases stress, discomfort and separation anxiety in dogs. There’s no need for medication to treat dog anxiety. Pettura Calming is a premium, drug-free product that is suitable to treat dog anxiety in all sizes and breeds. In a recent study, pet parents report that Pettura Calming effectively reduces stress in 15 minutes.* For dogs with anxiety, Pettura Calming is an easy-to-use treatment that works fast.

  • Shake well before use. Simply add to food or on a treat. Number of pumps required per use will vary depending on your dog's weight. Use as needed, prior or during, stressful events.

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